MyRay Hyperion X9 Pro OPG + Ceph - '3D Ready'

MyRay X9 Pro with Ceph - '3D Ready' 

Hyperion X9 Pro OPG machine with Ceph is upgradeable to 3D at a later stage when you're ready!

Available in the floor mounted version only. 

Perfection in two dimensions. Hyperion X9 Pro elevates to excellence the quality of panoramic and  cephalometric examinations, all of them available for your clinic.
Hyperion X9 Pro offers an efficient dedicated detector for 2D diagnostics (PAN/CEPH), relocatable and releasable, fastened onto a safety device; with the possibility of adding a second detector so as to carry out cephalometric projections. Try out the wide range of two-dimensional exams, such as orthogonal projections of the dentition, bitewing X-rays and advanced views of the temporomandibular joint.
All possibilities, one touch.

Many examinations, a single result. The best one. Hyperion X9 Pro is capable of satisfying every diagnostic need of yours thanks to 39 different examinations. Exceptional results and maximum flexibility.

Hyperion X9 Pro offers you the best of 2D programs, from the panoramic exams to the cephalometric ones, with a rapid exposure so as to contain the times and reduce the X-rays dose for the patient’s safety. Choose between orthogonal projections of the dentition and bitewing exposures focused on the dental crowns. Study the temporomandibular joints in Posterolateral and Latero-lateral projections even from multiple angles, or analyze the maxillary sinuses. Utilize the QuickPAN function: even faster acquisition procedures for the sake of more serene patients. For every single program, the X-ray data are acquired with a dedicated trajectory and collimation


Faster than imagination. Hyperion X9 Pro brings you maximum speed in image sharing. Simple, practical, effective. Under all circumstances.

Targeted software and pre-acquisition tools for the best result. What you desire. Hyperion X9 facilitates your work through the innovative patented MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology). Automatically secure the recognition of the patient’s morphology for a correct X-ray exposure and an optimal image. With the aid of MRT, there is no need to plan exposure times or technical factors such as the kV or mA level. Hyperion X9 Pro avoids over- or under-exposed images, thereby preserving the quality of your diagnostics and avoiding useless radiogenic doses to the patient

Sharing is trust. Hyperion X9 Pro consolidates the clinical excellence of your practice by offering a quick and simple way of sharing every phase of the treatment with the patient.

Low radiogenic doses and full visual contact with the patient during the positioning. No walls, no panels, no mirrors, the maximum freedom of movement for you and for your patients. Hyperion X9 adopts this innovative formula so as to ensure serenity in your office and faster procedures. Relaxed environment and fast sharing for a more relaxed, optimal trust relationship. A serene patient is a collaborative patient, ready to choose his treatments more quickly.
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