MyRay Hyperion X5 3D/2D

MyRay Hyperion X5 3D/2D Machine: 

Hyperion X5 - Easy 3D/2D diagnostics.


This machine is not upgradeable to include the Ceph arm. 

Available in both wall and floor mounted versions.

Hyperion X5 3D/2D: the only suspended imaging system, easy to install and use, can be mounted on any wall suitable for housing an intraoral X-ray system. Quick and easy to use at every stage of the examination, this system ensures high resolution 3D and 2D images and low emission times plus fast data processing for real time diagnosis and improved patient communication.  

Built around your needs

Hyperion X5 is an advanced, fast, simple imaging system that minimises X-ray doses and maximises image quality. Flexible, comprehensive imaging - indispensable these days - that revolutionises the way you work by taking your surgery’s diagnostic potential to a whole new level

- compact and light

- plug and play

- setting free

- easy to use

Empower your vision.

Capture every detail with 3D technology and expand your view into the third dimension. With 3D you can assess all points of diagnostic interest in their anatomic context far more effectively than with traditional panoramic images. Ensure maximum practicality and working benefits with Hyperion X5.


Highly accurate investigation of both dental arches (including third molar roots) and surrounding anatomic features, useful for correct diagnosis and improved treatment planning


Panoramic exposure programmes calibrated on patient build to adapt X-ray doses accordingly. Users can select the area of diagnostic interest for complete or partial analysis.


Study of dentition with optimised interproximal projection for improved periodontal control. Collimation on the crowns for patients unable to tolerate intraoral bitewings, as they are more comfortable and less intrusive

iRYS, your simple tool

One software for 2D and 3D scans. Everything you need to carry out diagnoses, communicate with the patient and effect the best possible treatment. Optimised images with automatic filters. All this is iRYS.

Multi-desktop 3D/2D 

2D PiE (Panoramic Image Enhancer)

3D SMART (Streak Metal Artifacts Reduction Technology)

Implant simulation




No technical specification added

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