MyRay Hyperion X5 2D/3D + Ceph

A compact and complete solution: 

This machine is available in the floor mounted version only! 

However, Hyperion X5 2D/3D + Ceph is more than compactness and fast diagnosis: it’s a user-friendly X-ray device with two sensors (one dedicated to volumetric examinations) and a set of smart automatisms that lets dentists obtain the desired outcome immediately.

  • Compact &Light
  • Plug & Play
  • Real-time diagnostics


Focus-free 2D with MRT.

The PAN examination uses MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology) and an automatic best focusing selection system. A multi-layer panoramic scan is performed, with automatically optimised exposure and scan times for children and adults.


Cephalometric examination.

The renewed Hyperion X5 Ceph teleradiographic system provides programmes for every diagnostic need. Ultra-high quality images, extremely short scan times and low radiated doses: the very best cephalometric technology, all in the most compact unit the market has to offer.


High resolution CB3D.

HD 3D imaging with ultra-fast, low-dose scans and very high resolution: 80 μm over the complete dentition,together with dedicated FOVs developed to ensure the best imaging at all times. Complete dental diagnosis, including assessment of maxillary sinuses.




Hyperion X5 - Continuous innovation:

The smallest 3D/2D suspended system in the world evolves to integrate teleradiographic examinations as an extra option. Innovative design, flexibility and user-friendliness. Out of our experience comes the best solution for every dentist.


Hyperion X5 2D/3D + Ceph evolves to let the Dentist choose a Ceph application, which can also be retrofitted. Quick and easy to use throughout the examination, this system ensures high resolution 3D and 2D images and low emission times plus fast data processing for real time diagnosis and improved patient communication. The new virtual console streamlines capturing procedures and introduces new protocols for volumetric examination of maxillary sinuses and orthogonal panoramic images. Thanks to the automatic servo-controlled movements of the 3D sensor block, short examination times ensure a consistently positive experience. A new opportunity for 3D/2D and Ceph.


Hyperion X5 2D/3D + Ceph is the cutting-edge imaging system that covers your every need. A compact, complete solution that boosts your surgery’s diagnostic potential. 


Designed to satisfy your every need:

A complete family of dental imaging solutions for all dental surgeries. Designed for surgeries that require three-dimensional diagnostic potential, the 3D/2D-configuration Hyperion X5 offers just the right solution and simultaneously provides excellent 2D performance. The optional integration of the teleradiographic arm further boosts the diagnostic capacity. MyRay, Just right for you!

Flexible, efficient, fast. Hyperion X5 - designed to deliver the best results in minimum time with limited doses. It displays 2D and 3D images packed full of details to produce effective and safe diagnoses.


Diagnostic flexibility:

Hyperion X5 2D/3D + Ceph is a complete, user-friendly X-ray device, equipped with smart automatisms to help doctors to immediately obtain the desired results. The innovative 3D Cone Beam technology of Hyperion X5 2D/3D + Ceph generates a multitude of high definition data (80 μm) in a single scan. MultiFOV adapts the field of view to patient builds and diagnostic requirements. Ultra-fast scans and short emission times ensure that patients receive low X-ray doses. Hyperion X5 2D/3D + Ceph offers a range of settings, such as the MultiPAN function which lets users choose the most suitable panoramic image for every detail of clinical interest. Versatile and patient-friendly! 


All the potential of 3D:

Hyperion X5 2D/3D + Ceph has a powerful X-ray generator to maximise performance and minimise scan times. It also features a highly sensitive 3D-PAN sensor to produce images of exceptional quality with a minimal irradiated dose. Combined with optimised scan protocols, this latest-generation technology offers a resolution of up to 80 μm. 3D made simple.


Expand the diagnostic field:

A wide range of FOVs available for your clinical needs: from implantology to the measurement of maxillary sinus volumes, from endodontics to oral surgery. Each FOV is available in three versions to adapt to all clinical needs. It takes just a few simple steps to identify the most suitable set-up based on the anatomical region of interest. The innovative selection from three dedicated modes allows the examination to be carried out consistently with the actual diagnostic needs and in a highly user-friendly manner:

QuickScan: Faster and ultra-low dose scans for post-surgery follow-up and macro- structure analysis.

Standard mode: Primary diagnostics and treatment planning. The best balance between dosage and quality. 

SuperHD: Outstanding, uncompromising level of detail. Ideal for micro-structure analysis.  

Smart CB3D. 



• Complete adult dentition 10 x 10 cm

• Single upper dental arch in adult patient. 10 x 6 cm

• Single lower dental arch in adult patient. 10 x 7 cm

• Complete child dentition: 8 x 7 cm

• Complete child dentition with maxillary sinuses: 8x 10 cm

• Adult upper semi-arch: 8 x 6 cm

• Adult lower semi-arch: 8 x 7 cm

• Child semi-arch or adult upper partial dentition: 6 x 6 cm

• Child semi-arch or adult lower partial dentition: 6 x 7 cm

• Maxillary Sinuses: 10 x 10 cm


Comfort and excellent prospective imaging:

Easily repositionable in the presence of a teleradiographic arm, with retrofitting options available; the 2D sensor can be used for both panoramic imaging and CEPH examinations. High orthogonality panoramic viewing allows for minimised overlapping of adjacent dental elements: the structures to be examined are shown as clear, distinct items. The 4 contact points head support ensures patient stability and comfort during scanning. An on board drawer is available on the machine for the patient to store personal items during the examination. CEPH Ready!


The best of both dimensions:

IThe dedicated CMOS sensor (latest generation CsI) generates sharp and homogeneous 2D images; thanks to its wide selection of acquisition programs, Hyperion X5 is a must-have and user-friendly diagnostic tool. The wide focusing layer allows for detailed imaging throughout the dental arch. In addition to standard panoramic imaging, dentition orthogonal projections and bitewing exposure focussing on dental crowns can also be obtained. Temporo-mandibular joint examinations are possible as both postero-anterior projections and latero-lateral projections. Extensive and accurate scanning also including the maxillary sinuses allow upper airways examination. To minimise the irradiated dose, the scanning area can be limited to the region of interest or the QuickPAN feature can be used for quicker and more comfortable examinations. Select the examination that best reflects actual diagnostic requirements by selecting an ultra-fast or high quality scan. Broad choice of 2D exams.


Simply CEPH:

The modular Hyperion X5 platform allows teleradiography module retrofitting at any time. The arm is extremely compact and the latestgeneration sensor ensures optimal performance. Aided by programmed automatisms, the sensor aligns perfectly to speed up the cephalometric examination. Users can select the examination that best suits their actual diagnostic requirements by selecting an ultra-fast or high quality scan. Ready for every requirement.


Efficiency means effectiveness:

Thanks to its advanced tools and features, Hyperion X5 improves every stage of imaging diagnostics, from positioning and examination selection to parameter settings, often entirely automatic. The interface provides guidance for the user throughout the examination set-up and acquisition phase. Equipment control and 2D image displaying can be managed from the virtual console on a PC or via iPad. The exclusive MRT technology allows clear images to be obtained without having to manually set the exposure parameters, automatically adapting them to the patient’s anatomical characteristics. Thanks to MultiPAN acquisition and the 2D Focus-Free feature, the device automatically delivers optimised focussing, depending on dental arch morphology. For volumetric examinations, the operator can rely on 3D assisted centring with Scout View and for all 3D, 2D PAN and CEPH examinations, correct and stable positioning is made easier by laser guides. Efficient and effective.


Caring for well-being:

Fast scans, low dose irradiation protocols and ergonomic positioning: the best ingredients for your patient’s comfort and health. Hyperion X5 always ensures acquisition procedures that guarantee maximum accessibility and minimised time inside the equipment - making it ideal for paediatric use or for patients with motor impairments. Each phase of the treatment can be shared with the patient in a clear, user-friendly way: this ensures greater patient involvement and their best collaborative attitude and trust in the acceptance of the proposed treatment. Share and care. 


iRYS, simple and versatile diagnoses:

Equipped with a whole ecosystem of features to view and process data captured during examinations, iRYS makes the diagnostic process easier and helps share images directly from a dedicated workstation to the dental surgery computers and the iRYS Viewer application available for iPAD. With just one click you can send 2D images and 3D volumes to dental practice management software or to advanced design systems (guided implantology, cephalometric tracking, etc.). You will also be able to share examinations with the patients, after providing them with the viewer software (Viewer) directly on CD, DVD or a USB stick. iRYS is all you need.


A platform suitable for sharing:

Hyperion X5 offers an innovative, efficient and reliable work experience. A universe of opportunities for your diagnostic requirements and for sharing examination outcomes. The machine perfectly interfaces with advanced patient management and storage systems, thanks to certified DICOM 3.0 standard compatibility. It also allows for remote technical assistance via an Internet connection, for maintenance, troubleshooting or updates, minimising downtime and enhancing efficiency and operational effectiveness. Share better.

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