MyRay Hyperion X5 2D PAN - 'CEPH READY'

Hyperion X5 2D PAN - 'CEPH READY'


The MyRay Hyperion X5 2D PAN - 'CEPH READY' OPG machine is not upgradeable to 3D. 

This machine is only available in the floor mounted version.


The X5 2D PAN -'Ceph Ready' is already equipped with a motor-driven vertical collimator for children's exposure and exposure of the sole dentition, like the extraoral bitewings.


Compact and easy to use. Capable of being installed onto any wall suitable for an intraoral X-Ray. Out of our experience, this product represents the best solution for every dentist.

Hyperion X5 needs a minimum operational space, the same as an intraoral X-Ray. The captivating form and the elegant lines make it an agreeable element capable of adding value to your practice. Hyperion X5 does not clutter and blends into your environment. Thanks to the smart packaging solution, it can be quickly and safely installed so as to minimize installation times and costs.
Hyperion X5 is the fruit of an innovative design capable of adapting to any practice, by ensuring real-time diagnosis. State-of-the-art technology, simplicity of use. This is the formula MyRay offers so as to combine image quality and speed, thereby lending value to your time and work.

User-friendly. Quick. Setting-free. Hyperion X5 gathers in itself all the technological innovations that simplify the workflow of your practice. Everything proves therefore to be simple and intuitive.

Thanks to the automatic focusing, with parameters automatically set for the patient, Hyperion X5 avoids the production of underexposed or overexposed images, thereby preserving the patient from useless radiation.
With the MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology) technological innovation, no operation to set the emission parameters is in fact required. Through the convenient App*, you can select the desired type of examination in a simple and intuitive manner.

The diagnostic features you need in just one touch. Accurate diagnoses for different requirements, from adults to children, essential programs for your needs, in a few, simple steps.

A variety of settings which suit your needs, with 18 available programs, such as: dentition with improved bitewing orthogonality, temporomandibular joints and maxillary sinuses. With the optimized orthogonal interproximal projection, you can get dentition images for a better periodontal check-up. Useful for patients unable to tolerate intraoral bitewings, as it is more comfortable and less invasive.
QuickPan allows a reduction in exposure times and radiation dose, thereby safeguarding the patient’s health. The MultiPAN Function offers you the possibility of choosing the panoramic imaging best suited to highlight the clinical detail of relevance from a range of different views obtained through a single examination.
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