MyRay Hy-Scan PSP Scanner

MyRay Hy-Scan PSP Scanner

Uncompromising simplicity and quality.

Always-reliable diagnosis, comfort, user-friendliness and fast capture times. Hy-Scan gives access to unrivalled digital technology and film-like ergonomics - all in one compact, affordable device. MyRay, just right for you.

High Definition

Outstanding digital imaging quality combined with the practicality and affordability of traditional film The Hy-Scan phosphor plate scanner provides the perfect balance between technology and tradition. Hy-Scan combines the very best digital diagnostic technology with the advantages of traditional film plates. A compact, fast, simple device to use, which produces high resolution intraoral images for always-reliable diagnosis. The thin, ergonomic plates are easy to position, the entire surface is active and they offer maximum patient comfort. The TOUCH-FREE plate insertion and recognition system makes the scan even simpler. The scanner can import an image in just a few seconds, allowing it be displayed immediately on the PC or, thanks to a special APP, on an iPad.

High Quality Images In Every Application

Hy-Scan is the ideal instrument for all clinical applications: endodontics, prostheses and implant surgery, periodontics and caries diagnosis. It reliably provides the very best high definition images with a resolution of 34 pixel/mm. The scanner is compatible with four sizes for the acquisition of paediatric (Size 0), periapical (Size 1), bitewing (Size 2) and long bitewing (Size 3) images with a pixel size of 30┬Ám.



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