Tips for Longevity of Dental Handpieces

Tips For the Longevity of Dental Handpieces

Dental professionals need quality dental handpieces to handle most of their basic tasks on a day-to-day basis. Most dental practices invest in handpieces that are built to last, so it is important that they are properly cared for to ensure longevity.

This longevity depends on several factors, but it all boils down to how your dental handpieces are used and maintained. If you want to get the best out of your equipment and prolong its lifespan at the same time, follow our helpful tips for the longevity of dental handpieces.

Invest In Quality Dental Handpieces

Dental equipment is often regarded as the workhorse of the practice and the key to a positive experience at all times is buying quality equipment. Sometimes this comes at a higher cost, but you will get many years out of a premium piece of dental equipment.

Treat Your Dental Handpieces with Care

You also need to understand how to use your dental handpieces properly. They are delicately constructed and require careful and proper handling. Lubricate your dental handpieces regularly to prolong their longevity. Ensure that you remove debris and excess lubricant to keep the internal parts of your handpieces clean.

Invest In the Best Dental Cleaning Products

Cleaning your dental handpieces is easier when using the right products made for the job. Getting your dental cleaning supplies from a reliable dental manufacturer will ensure that you have the best product for your needs. In addition to this, you’ll need to clean your handpieces in the right way to improve longevity. They need to be clean and sterilised to be most effective and to protect your patients from the spread of infection.

Allow Dental Handpieces to Cool and Dry Naturally

After cleaning and sterilising your dental handpieces, it is important that you let them cool and dry naturally. You should never use a handpiece before it is properly cooled down, and you should never attempt to force a handpiece to cool by using cold water – let it cool and dry naturally.

Store All Dental Equipment the Right Way

Proper storage can also improve the longevity of dental handpieces. Keep damaged handpieces separate and always get qualified technicians to service and repair dental tools properly. Where possible, store your handpieces vertically with the head at the top so that any additional moisture can drip off.

It is possible to prolong the longevity of your dental handpieces with the proper use, care, and maintenance.

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