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Cleaning and Maintenance for Dental Surgeries

2021-06-17 13:33

Dentists and dental surgeries perform critical roles in the health and hygiene of our communities. They help ensure the world’s oral health, assisting in the prevention of gum disease and dental decay, which can both have a significant effect on the overall health and wellbeing of the individual. Without a sterile environment, dentists would not be able to carry out the extent of their responsibilities without creating a breeding ground for infection.

Sterilisation Of Dental Equipment

2021-05-28 12:41

Dental practices make use of a number of reusable instruments that require adequate and effective decontamination on a regular basis. The sterilisation of dental equipment is a stringent practice that needs to be in place in all dental practices. It allows for the effective reprocessing of equipment in order to use it for other patients without cross-contaminating.

Dental Chair Equipment – What Should You Choose?

2021-04-20 12:06

One of the most important characteristics that define a good dental practice is state-of-the-art equipment. Dental chair equipment is one of the critical aspects of a modern dentist's office. It is the very centre of your dental practice and is even something that your dental patients will notice.

Dental X-Ray Imaging Equipment Compliance

2021-01-27 10:39

In most states of Australia, dental x-ray imaging equipment requires regular compliance testing. This includes intra-oral x-ray machines, OPG machines and CBCT units.

Each state has its own compliance requirements, which are overseen by different governing bodies.

Let's look at how often testing of dental x-ray imaging equipment must be carried out.

How often does the equipment need to be tested?

Infection Control in Dental Surgeries for 2021

2020-12-09 10:43

According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA), infection control in dental surgeries in this country is governed by some of the most stringent standards in the world.

With COVID-19 likely to continue into 2021, infection control is only going to become even more important.

Here are a few tools and services that can help make infection control in dental surgeries easier.

The KONA tap for infection control in dental surgeries

What's New in Intraoral Dental Imaging and Radiology?

2020-11-05 09:46

Today's intraoral dental imaging and radiology cameras and scanners are sophisticated pieces of equipment, packed full of features that make them easy to use and increase comfort for patients.

The thing that is taking dental imaging and radiology into new realms in dental practice is the capacity to more fully use the data they generate.

Let's look at how this data is now being used, and key features of some of the top dental imaging and radiology equipment available.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Influence Dentistry?

2020-09-22 12:53

Artificial intelligence (AI) is probably not something you usually associate with dentistry. You'd be more likely to think of intelligent robots, or the film Her, where the main character develops a relationship with his computer.

While we're not talking robotics, AI is starting to impact dentistry. Here are some examples of what's happening, and how you can start preparing now for the future.

Artificial intelligence in dentistry now

Benefits of the Latest High Speed Dental Handpieces

2020-09-02 12:26

High speed dental handpieces are the devices that practitioners probably reach for more than any other for restorative dentistry.

If you're just starting out in practice, buying the best you can afford is a good investment. If you haven't upgraded for a while, it's worth having a look at what's now on the market.

The newer handpieces offer features that are great for both practitioner and patient safety and comfort.

Types of high speed dental handpieces

How Smart Tech is Changing the Way We Use Dental Equipment

2020-07-10 13:58

Smart tech is everywhere, from home systems to high tech gaming, and yes, even in dental equipment! It’s changing the way many dentists operate, and offering benefits to patients too.

Let's take a look at some of the smart dental equipment available, from imaging devices to sterilisers.

Advances in dental imaging equipment

What are Some of the New Developments in Dental Sterilisers?

2020-06-12 12:03

Dental sterilisers play a huge role in maintaining hygiene and patient safety in practices.

Now, smart technology is changing the way these essential tools work, making the sterilisation process more efficient, saving energy and offering in-built traceability of individual instruments.

Here are some of the features of the latest dental sterilisers.

The advantages of smart technology in dental sterilisers

Smart technology has been responsible for enormous changes across many industries.

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