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Digitalised Dental Units – Smart Units Just Got Smarter

2021-11-18 13:19

We understand how important it is for your business to provide the best patient experience possible. To help you accomplish that, we are releasing the most advanced dental unit from our partners at Diplomat which is a digitalised dental unit. It has the power to offer several benefits your patients and keep you ahead of your competitors. Why shouldn’t you have the most popular and forward-thinking dental practice in the area? 

Adding Value To Your Dental Practice

How to choose the best dental autoclave for your dental practice

2021-10-11 21:08

The most successful dentists are those who understand what it takes to run a smooth dental practice. Having the right dental equipment and maintaining it is critical to success. One of the keys to maintaining your dental equipment is having a premium autoclave available for optimal sterilisation.

The Challenges Of Choosing The Best Dental Autoclave

Tips For Disinfecting Dental Chairs

2021-09-10 10:33

Running a dental practice requires the utmost in hygiene and cleanliness. All dental chairs come with their own cleaning instructions, but now with COVID-19, impeccable cleaning practices are more important than ever.

How to Choose the Best Dental Equipment for Your Dental Practice

2021-08-23 13:24

The quality of dental care offered in any dental practice primarily depends on a handful of factors. This includes the knowledge and experience of the dentist and the quality of his or her dental equipment. With high-quality equipment, it is easier to deliver high-quality care. Having the best dental equipment will also help your practice run seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Why You Need to Invest in The Best Dental Equipment

Patient Satisfaction

Tips for Longevity of Dental Handpieces

2021-07-19 17:42

Tips For the Longevity of Dental Handpieces

Dental professionals need quality dental handpieces to handle most of their basic tasks on a day-to-day basis. Most dental practices invest in handpieces that are built to last, so it is important that they are properly cared for to ensure longevity.

RED DOT AWARD: Slovak design from Diplomat Dental scored in the world

2021-06-30 13:50

The family company Diplomat Dental, based in Piešťany, attracted an international jury and, under the baton of CEO Tomáš Nerad, won the prestigious Red Dot Award in the "product design" category for innovation in the form of a digital dental unit controlled by Diplomat Connect, also developed in Dental Diplomat.

Cleaning and Maintenance for Dental Surgeries

2021-06-17 14:33

Dentists and dental surgeries perform critical roles in the health and hygiene of our communities. They help ensure the world’s oral health, assisting in the prevention of gum disease and dental decay, which can both have a significant effect on the overall health and wellbeing of the individual. Without a sterile environment, dentists would not be able to carry out the extent of their responsibilities without creating a breeding ground for infection.

Sterilisation Of Dental Equipment

2021-05-28 13:41

Dental practices make use of a number of reusable instruments that require adequate and effective decontamination on a regular basis. The sterilisation of dental equipment is a stringent practice that needs to be in place in all dental practices. It allows for the effective reprocessing of equipment in order to use it for other patients without cross-contaminating.

Dental Chair Equipment – What Should You Choose?

2021-04-20 13:06

One of the most important characteristics that define a good dental practice is state-of-the-art equipment. Dental chair equipment is one of the critical aspects of a modern dentist's office. It is the very centre of your dental practice and is even something that your dental patients will notice.

Dental X-Ray Imaging Equipment Compliance

2021-01-27 11:39

In most states of Australia, dental x-ray imaging equipment requires regular compliance testing. This includes intra-oral x-ray machines, OPG machines and CBCT units.

Each state has its own compliance requirements, which are overseen by different governing bodies.

Let's look at how often testing of dental x-ray imaging equipment must be carried out.

How often does the equipment need to be tested?

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