Dental X-Ray Imaging Equipment Compliance

In most states of Australia, dental x-ray imaging equipment requires regular compliance testing. This includes intra-oral x-ray machines, OPG machines and CBCT units.

Each state has its own compliance requirements, which are overseen by different governing bodies.

Let's look at how often testing of dental x-ray imaging equipment must be carried out.

How often does the equipment need to be tested?

The frequency of compliance checks varies from state to state. NSW, Queensland and Western Australia require checks every five years. In Tasmania, a check is needed on initial installation and then every four years.

South Australia requires a test on initial installation then each time there is a change of ownership. In Victoria, a test is only required on initial installation of the equipment. Every state except NSW requires a dental shielding assessment as well. In NSW, it is possible to self-assess under EPA guidelines.

It’s critical that all practices are familiar with these requirements, so that compliance checks can be booked in on time. Failure to carry out compliance testing could compromise the health and safety of dentists, staff and patients who come within range of your dental X-ray imaging equipment.

How we can help ensure compliance

At William Green, we make compliance testing part of our ongoing support for your practice, so you'll never miss a test again. We have a team of fully accredited service engineers and a network of agents who can carry out compliance testing and generate the necessary reports that confirm you are meeting the compliance requirements in your state. We can also combine compliance testing of your x-ray equipment with autoclave validation and calibration, for added convenience.

If you have any questions about your dental X-ray imaging equipment compliance requirements, or need to book a test, contact us for assistance.

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